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Interior Design and Architecture This Week

Find a Singapore Interior Design Company for all your Home Renovation and Decoration needs. At we pride ourselves at having a committed team of professional designers who are good at what they do. is the number one website for Interior Design and Architecture in Singapore.

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Modern HDB Interiors Video

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Birnbeck Island Competition – Weston-Super-Mare – UK
Having to be at least in intention a lasting phenomenon, architecture “puts up with” entertainment. Entertainment is ephemeral, mutable, and a building that tries to fix the shape of a space in time is destined almost always to fail. Is an architecture of amusement…

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HDB Living -In Style

Modern HDB Interiors and Design
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Modern HDB interiors has come a long way since the government started building the low cost public housing in the 60s’ The new modern HDB interiors rival even the best interior designs of some private apartments….

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Carnivore @ Vivo City

Designed by Erik L’Heureux, principal of Syndicate Architecture, based in New York, offers meals served by gauchos, similar to Carnivore at Chimes. The 3600 sq.ft space is a testament to meticulous detailing and playful parody of restaurant customers as the carnivorous creatures behind the colourful cage.

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Loft Living

Living Room
Loft living and HDB living is 2 distinctly different style of living. One conjures images of community living while the other proposes  a more stylish and cool lifestyle. The interior design for the HDB apartment located in the Central district challenges the notion that low…

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