Regency Park

Modern Baroque

To introduce two opposing styles and period, in Interior Design requires flair and  creative intuition. Its like striking a balance between wits and wisdom.

They evoke realms that are different yet sharing a common sophistication. Art and design in the Baroque period comes very close to being  pure theater. Modernism is functional, clean and unpretentious. Bringing them together in style is a design challenge. Collective  Designs has not only successfully met the challenge, they have also manage to reconcile the difference with urban poise and voguish flair.

The interior design recipe for this apartment, in Regency Park, sought to meld modern materials with traditional styling, creating a sort of Modern Baroque style. Ornate classical motifs accented in black and white, brings two opposing style in perfect harmony.

Techniques used to create harmony between the two different style includes using traditional baroque motif on pure white fabrics and feature wall with organic curves. Clever use of mirror and dynamically juxtaposed furniture’s strong lines, works together to achieve a complex artistic effect.

Photos© Amir Sultan

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