Daeyang Gallery and House

Steven Holl’s Daeyang Gallery and House

“For Steven [Holl] Daeyang Gallery and House , the watercolors were transposed into architecture,” the filmmaking team of Spirit of Space explained, “and for us, the essence of the architecture was transposed into film.” In all their footage of Holl’s Daeyang Gallery and House in Seoul, what comes through is not the structural, material, or spatial logic of the hybrid residence and art space, which, as we’ve previously noted, is defined by three pavilions that seem to emerge from a tranquil plane of water.


Instead, the film captures a certain experience engendered by the architecture via abstract close-ups, time-lapse shots, and fragmentary narratives. The artfully choreographed movements of a shadow, a passerby, or a performing violinist never quite allow the mind to settle on a single concept of space or form. 


In less than three minutes, the film takes its viewers on a tour of Holl’s  Daeyang Gallery and House , the camera skipping from space to space to capture the range of sensations invoked by the architecture, yet slowly panning to catch the play of light and sound that Holl considers essential to his craft. The serenity of the Korean hillside seems to filter into the building, creating quiet rooms in which to study a painting, contemplate a musician’s performance, or quietly listen to the hum of everyday life.


The film also captures how the essence of  Daeyang Gallery and House evolves as day turns into night. As the movie progresses, the pervasive white glow of daylight gives way to the yellow illumination of carefully placed light fixtures, transforming the experiences of the same spaces and materials that were so closely examined before. “[W]e understand that film can never replace a phenomenological architectural experience,” the filmmakers said. “Rather, it is simply a beautifully captivating supplement [and] this film enables us to meditate over the memory of the physical architecture and contemplate what it means to have been inside this space.”

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